Explore Portage Valley a Self-Guided Tour Get out of the city of Anchorage and take the Turnagain Arm Shuttle to the Portage Glacier Lodge. This self-guided Portage Glacier adventure is truly idea for the independent traveler. Your shuttle will take you directly to Portage Glacier Lodge at Portage Valley where you can enjoy a meal and enjoy stunning hiking trails like the Trail of Blue Ice and Byron Glacier Trail. You may even want to hike the trail of blue ice and take in the 7 other hanging glaciers in the area.

This self-guided Portage Valley Tour allows you freedom to break away from tour groups and explore on your own and return at appointed return times from Portage Lodge. You must make sure you plan accordingly so that you arrive at the Portage Lodge with ample time. Remember this is tour is not for the faint at heart. This is a self-guided tour and you will be out in the wilderness exploring on your own. This means you will need to dress appropriately and plan your day ahead of time. Please read up on all that Portage Valley has to offer.

On the way down to the Portage Glacier Lodge you will be traveling down Alaska's most scenic highway known as Turnagain Arm. You will make a stop at Beluga Point, Turnagain Gallery and then on to the Portage Glacier Lodge. You may want to take some of the scenic walks found around Portage Valley – Alaska's Crown Jewel. When you are ready to continue on simply board the hourly shuttle from the Portage Glacier Lodge back to Anchorage. The return journey is simple just hop on the shuttle you pre-booked. It's that easy.

What You Can Expect

This self-guided Portage Glacier Tour allows you freedom to break away from the tour groups and explore on your own and return at select times. Your journey to Portage Lodge begins with a custom tour of Turnagain Arm and is a treat you won't want to miss. Your adventure includes a Turnagain Arm Tour with highlights listed below.

When you are ready to continue on simply board the shuttle at the Portage Glacier Lodge for your return trip back to Anchorage. We will be making a stop at Turnagain Gallery and Potter Marsh on the return journey.

Price: $89.00 (Book early and save using promo codes found on this website)

Duration: 4.5 hours transportation - - plan for a six to eight hour day.

Round-trip shuttle service with a tour of Turnagain Arm and pick up and drop off at Portage Glacier Lodge.

Tour Times: 8 AM, 10 AM, 11 AM, and 12:30 PM.

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Tour Highlights:

  • Beluga Point: Popular photo stop with panoramic views of Turnagain Arm, with possible opportunities to see Dall sheep and Beluga whales. Timing is everything if we are fortunate you will see both!

  • Portage Valley: You will see Explorer Glacier, Middle Glacier, Byron Glacier and Take a Walk through a Rainforest. Next grab a snack or meal to enjoy on your ride back to Anchorage at Portage Day Lodge.

  • Alaska Wildberry Products: See the World's Largest Chocolate Water Fall! The store hires locals to pick "Alaskan Berries" to make into the wonderful delights. You can also watch the workers make these delights through the glass wall. At the chocolate display case there is a tray of sample chocolates and if you did not sample the item you wanted to try just ask they want to satisfy.

  • Potter Marsh: With its nearly panoramic view of Turnagain arm, Potter Marsh, peppered with spruce, cottonwood and alder trees, is one of the most accessible and scenic wildlife viewing areas in Anchorage. About halfway along the boardwalk, Rabbit Creek flows underneath and provides a good spot to see spawning chinook, Coho, or humpback salmon from May to August, depending on the species. Moose also frequent the marsh year round. May and June are good times to see these large ungulates standing in the marsh foraging for new growth.

Prior planning is best, please dress in layers, wind and precipitation are common in the mountains where the sea is close by. Remain well hydrated to ensure your comfort and maintain situational awareness of your time and surroundings for best safety.