1. Print your Shuttle Tour Ticket
Download and print your Shuttle Tour Ticket and any tours that you have decided to book on your own. Prior to boarding your shuttle your tickets will be needed. Either your driver or a representative will check you in to ensure that your excursions that you planed go smoothly. Please remember the Turnagain Arm Shuttle is a transportation only tour all add on tours must be paid for and planned separately. It is best to have hard copies of your tickets especially if you need to return back to Anchorage as the driver will check your ticket on the outbound and the return which will be a separate driver.

We pick up at the Anchorage Downtown Visitors Center and if you are a last minute booking no worries. You can access your ticket via the free Wi-Fi connection. The password for the visitor’s center is “Big Wildlife”. Simply show the e-ticket page to a Turnagain Arm Shuttle & Tours staff member. Our advice is to take a picture of your return ticket as well because internet is spotty on the Turnagain Arm. If your shuttle goes through the Alaska Wildlife Conservation at any time you must have a pre-paid ticket which you can purchase online on our website. Our click here. (hyper link) That ticket must be printed and given to the driver upon boarding your shuttle. If you failed to purchase your ticket prior to boarding or have a change of plans no worries. Just purchase online and well in advance of arriving at the Alaska Wildlife Center and alert your driver. A representative at the Wildlife Center will be checking you off as a paid customer prior to everyone entering. Please pre-pay in advance as you don’t want to be the “one” passenger who holds up the entire tour shuttle and delays others from enjoying their allotted time.

It is important that you know that parking is not available at our pick up location. There is parking at the parking garage located on the corner of 4th and C Street. Many hotels have complimentary pick up and drop off to and from the Anchorage downtown visitor’s center. Check with your hotel prior as this will save you from the runaround of trying to get to our pick up location. Remember we depart on time with or without you in order to keep a schedule. If you miss the shuttle we will try to accommodate you and there will be an extra charge.

2. Communicate with our Turnagain Arm Staff
Please communicate with our Turnagain Arm Staff as well as your driver of your destination. Even if you have told your driver of your destination please remind them as they approach your destination. If you fail to get off at your pre planed stop the driver cannot turnaround. And any changes or charges needed along the way to accommodate you will be borne by you. Please remember this is a shuttle service and will make every effort to remain on time so that you and others can count on us to be reliable.

3. Enjoy the Tour
International Travellers and T-Mobile customers. Please know that your phone plan and service area is limited while in Alaska. The best way to get around this problem is to buy a SIM card at the downtown 5th Avenue mall at GCI well in advance. They will outfit you with a local number which you must give to our reservations staff to update your reservation. This way we can contact you should you or the shuttle have unforeseen problems getting to your pick up point to return. The company will not be responsible if you miss a shuttle. At that point you will need to take an Uber or Lyft which could cost upwards of $99.00 one-way. Be proactive and make certain we can get a hold of you as the shuttle is a bus transport and it will not wait.

Ready to go?

Note: If the vehicle is running late due to unforeseeable road conditions please call us at 907-764-2067. Please give the vehicle at least 15 minutes after departure time prior to calling as your driver may just be running behind. If we know something ahead of time we will call or text you to alert you of problems.

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Any other questions?

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