It is up to you to alert your driver to let them know when you need to get off. Please refer to our routes and map section and follow the route to your destination to make sure you get off at the proper location.

Your driver is there to help. As you board we suggest you say “hello my name is…” and “I am going to…” to ensure the driver can help you when you arrive at your destination. If you are unsure of your stop, don’t hesitate to ask the driver for help.

In addition, the tour guide commentary on the bus will announce each stop and will tell you that this is a tour stop and not a drop off point. The only places we allow you to get out of the vehicle to stay for a set duration are Indian, Girdwood and Portage Valley. If the driver knows that there is no drop off or pick up he will elect to bypass the stop. So please let them know of your plans.

If you are on the Shuttle Round-trip and not the Turnagain Arm Tour you will be allowed one hour at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. A ticket is required to visit the Alaska Wildlife Center. You can purchase your ticket on our website by simply clicking on purchase the Alaska Wildlife Center ticket.