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The Turnagain Arm Shuttle is a transportation service providing transport to adventures along Turnagain Arm. We encourage you to devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge on Things to do Along Turnagain Arm. We have provided helpful links to plan your adventures. Activities are an extra charge based on what you decide.

Alaska's Turnagain Arm is among those voted as one of the country's most unforgettable, must see roads.

Turnagain Arm Shuttle

Get out of the city of Anchorage and explore the adventures found along
Alaska’s most scenic highway known as Turnagain Arm.


Reservations highly recommended on your outbound shuttle. PRIME seats fill up fast. Seat capacity is twelve every hour. Do not wait to reserve!

The shuttle begins its pick up behind the Anchorage log cabin Visitors Center and is open ended – Runs 7 days a week during tourist season May 10th – September 19th. - The first shuttle starts at 8 AM with a final return coming back at 8:00 PM from Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Shuttles return back to Anchorage from pick up points back every hour.





  • Beluga Point: Popular photo stop with panoramic views of Turnagain Arm. Possible opportunities to see Dall sheep and Beluga whales.

  • Indian Valley Mine: Try gold panning and visit the museum to get a taste of gold mining history at this National Historic Site

  • Turnagain Art Gallery: Owned and operated by professional, competitive wood carvers, the gallery is full of stunning sculptures, jewelry, paintings and photographic prints.

  • Girdwood: This beautiful valley is home to the Alyeska Resort where you can take the Aerial Tram up Mt. Alyeska for incredible views of mountain, ocean, and glacier. You can also hike up Mt. Alyeska and take the Tram ride down, or enjoy the Winner's Creek Trail through pristine temperate rain forest. Some other activities include helicopter glacier landings and guided glacier hikes.

  • Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center: One of the top-visited attractions in Alaska. View Alaska's most famous animals in a natural, open setting. During your visit, you'll have a chance to get great pictures of Grizzlies, Moose, Musk Ox, Caribou, Bison, Wolves, and more.

  • Portage Valley: Enjoy a meal at Portage Day Lodge and enjoy stunning hiking trails like the Trail of Blue Ice and Byron Glacier Trail. You can also rent a bicycle for a relaxing tour of the Valley. Other activities include taking the one-hour cruise on Portage Lake up to the face of Portage Glacier and discovering the geology and natural history of Portage Valley at the Begich Boggs Visitor Center.

Visit Turnagain Arm at your leisure:

Round-Trip Turnagain Arm Shuttle Service – visit Indian Valley Goldmine, Girdwood/Alyeska, Alaska Wildlife Conservation and Portage Valley.

Take a shuttle transfer along Turnagain Arm and Portage Glacier Valley, hassle-free and at your leisure, with the Turnagain Arm Shuttle service. Discover the beauty of Turnagain Arm where you can choose to visit Indian Valley Goldmine, Alyeska Resort and take the Tram for stunning views of Turnagain Arm, or choose to hike the trail to the top and take the free ride down. Our take a helicopter ride with Alpine Air. The town of Girdwood has a free bus service for hop-on, hop-off experience and you can literally spend the entire day sight-seeing at this resort town. You can also choose to visit the Alaska Wildlife Center at a leisurely pace. We also take you to Portage Valley Road where you can hike -- The Trail of Blue Ice.

The newest trail in the valley is a stunning walk through the rainforest; and the positive feedback has been tremendous! The Trail of Blue Ice stays on the valley floor and links all the developed recreation sites in Portage Valley where you can view several hanging glaciers during your walk or veer off and enjoy the Byron Glacier Trail. The Portage Valley Lodge is a great place to stop and enjoy lunch or rent a bike for use on the many trails in Portage Valley. When you’re ready, simply hop on a shuttle back to the Anchorage downtown visitor’s center. Shuttles leave every hour between 8 a.m with the last return to Anchorage at 8 p.m. This gives you plenty of flexibility with your schedule to take in famous Turnagain Arm's top attractions located along Alaska’s most scenic drive.

What You Can Expect

Pickup and drop-off points are the Anchorage Visitors Center, Indian Valley Mine, Turnagain Art Gallery, the mini mall at Girdwood where you can take the town's free bus service, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and Portage Valley Road where you can take in the five mile hike along the Blue Ice Trail.

Your shuttle ticket will be confirmed for this hop-on, hop-off shuttle instantly after making a booking. (Note to customers who are not flexible: You can upgrade to a confirmed reserved seat on our website ) During the drive to Portage, you will be awe inspired by the scenery which is a jaw dropping experience in itself. With shuttles departing every hour, getting to the various attractions along Turnagain arm couldn’t be easier. Seats are first-come, first-serve with the exception of confirmed seats which are only sold as add-on options at our website. So join us for the scenic drive along Alaska’s most famous drive.

All customers going to the Wildlife Conservation Center or Portage Glacier Cruise must have prepaid tickets prior to boarding shuttle. Please show the driver your prepaid ticket as the driver cannot enter these two areas without your ticket.

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Adventures to do along Turnagain Arm

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There is so much to see and do along Turnagain Arm

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There is so much to see and do along Turnagain Arm.

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